25 Things You Can Do Instead of Self Harming.

(Side note, This is a post of mine from awhile ago that recently got deleted, and one of my friends told me she really needed it so I’m republishing it to help her and potentially someone else.)

Self harming is often not an easy thing to stop doing. But there are other things that are available for you to pursue where you can still get your emotions out. I know it’s hard to stop, but you can do it, stay strong.

The National Suicide Prevention 24 Hour Hotline: (800-273-8255)


  1. Snap your wrist with a rubber band
  2. Draw a picture of how you feel
  3. Go for a run to relax
  4. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile
  5. Buy a stuffed animal to cuddle with
  6. Go for a drive to calm your mind
  7. Paint your nails a new color
  8. Clean your room/house
  9. Organize your closet
  10. Read a book that you haven’t gotten around to reading yet
  11. Write a letter to someone and never send it
  12. Play with one of your pets
  13. Watch your favorite movie
  14. Write down how you’re feeling in a journal
  15. Tear apart newspapers, old photos, or magazines (this can help get anger out)
  16. Blow up a balloon and pop it
  17. Make origami figures
  18. Knit yourself a scarf
  19. Draw something pretty with makers on the area you want to self harm
  20. Make some home made Play-Doh to play with (Recipe:https://www.diynatural.com/homemade-playdough/)
  21. Take a bubble bath
  22. Pop some bubble wrap
  23. Cook yourself some breakfast for the next day
  24. Look at the sky
  25. Make a list of at least 10 of your best qualities (You can’t say you don’t have any, I bet you have tons!)

So here are just a few things that you can do instead of self harming, I’m gonna include a link to a website that has even more things as well. I’d also like to take time to mention the butterfly project, which is another really great alternative to self harming. I’ll leave a link to the project’s website where you can learn more about it.

The Butterfly Project: (http://butterfly-project.tumblr.com)

More Alternatives To Self Harm: (http://www.adolescentselfinjuryfoundation.com/page11)

The National Suicide Prevention 24 Hour Hotline: (800-273-8255)


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