Sporty Yet Relaxed OOTD.

Athlesuire a sporty yet relaxed fashion look. This is definitely the look that I was going for today. Wednesdays just aren’t really for trying, I don’t feel like dressing up and doing a full face of hair and makeup when I am in the slump day of my week. So instead of trying, I dress in a cute way where I don’t really have to try. This look paired with a messy bun and minimal makeup actually looks better than getting all dressed up. So today I’m wearing the same black crop top from my last OOTD, some black yoga pants that make your leg look amazing, some white converse, and a black and white plaid patterned flannel.

athlesuire ootd


Here’s the links to everything I’m wearing:

Black crop top: (

Black and White Plaid Patterned Flannel: (

Black Yoga Pants: (

White Converse Sneakers: (

Also here’s a link to my last OOTD which was a sunshine, spring inspired OOTD: (




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