Sunshine OOTD

So I couldn’t take a picture of me with the outfit I’m wearing today since I’m traveling and it would be really awkward for me to ask people I don’t know to take tons of pictures of my outfit. Also I’m really self conscious about my body, so you know I don’t really wanna take lots of pictures of my body.  So instead, here’s this picture of pretty much the outfit I was wearing today. I hope this is still good enough for all of you, I hope that in the future I can be confident enough to start posting OOTD’s in real life of my outfits when I’m wearing them, until then though, this is gonna have to suffice.

So the outfit I wore today is a cute short sleeved cotton dark grey crop top, and I paired it with a pair of distressed light wash high waisted shorts, and some converse. Lastly, to tie the whole look together and add an extra touch of flair, I tied a red and black patterned flannel around my waist, and I put my hair up in a messy bun, however I think this look would still look really cute with your hair down especially if you paired it with a snapback.

ootd disney 1

Down below I have places where you can find each of the items in the picture:

Dark Grey Cotton Crop Top: (

High Waisted Destroyed Shorts: (

Black and Red Patterned Flannel: (

Converse: (


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