The Vamp Stamp.

As all of you guys probably know by now I’m obsessed with eyeliner. My friend told me about this new product recently called the vamp stamp, its supposed to make eyeliner quick and easy for everyone. This product definitely peaked my interest, so I ordered it and I figured I would review it for all of you guys.

So I have a couple of thoughts on this product. The main one is that there’s definitely a learning curve to using this product, it takes a few tries of practice to get a wearable wing, but I feel like with time it would get easier to use. I thought this product provided me with okay looking wings, but they weren’t really my taste for who I like my eyeliner to look. The product did work fairly well though, I would say that. I thought the wing shape was a little short, and at times the stamp didn’t provide a good tail flick for the end of the wing. In the end, I wouldn’t incorporate this product into my everyday routine, but I could definitely see myself using this product during a busy morning where I didn’t have a lot of time to spend on my makeup.


(P.S. You can find this product here:


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