Theories About the 13 Reasons Why Season 1 Ending.

So if you’ve watched through all 13 episodes of the first season of the new Netflix original 13 reasons why, you know that the shows season 1 ending left many loose ends and cliff hangers. These cliff hangers along with other subtleties in the season finale, have led many people online to speculate on what next season has in store for us. So hear are some of my favorite, and what I believe to be the most believable theories about whats going to happen in season 2 of 13 Reasons Why.


1. Justin is actually the one we see in the ambulance

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.45.43 AMThe reasoning behind this theory is that during the scene that takes place in the ambulance where we here about a victim of a gunshot to the head, in a few frames of this scene, you can spot that the victim of the gunshot wound has light brown hair. (Similar to Justins.) In the last episode we’re led to believe its Alex thats in the ambulance, however if it was, we would see Alex’s blonde hair with blood stains in it, instead of chestnut brown hair. Another thing in the last episode of the season that supports this theory is that when Justin is talking with Jessica he confesses to her that he almost killed himself, and that he has no where to go. Also we see that while he is packing his things to leave his house, he brings a gun with him. So do you think that it could really be Justin in the ambulance?


2. Tyler shot Alex

tyler hit listTowards the end of the season, in the scene before Tyler goes to his deposition, we see tyler organizing his trunk that is full of lots of guns and ammo. Then we later see Tyler in his red room, where he has pictures of all of the 12 other people on the tapes aside from him hanging up. We see him look at Alex’s picture, having a flashback, before ripping the photo down. A lot of theorizers think that these pictures that Tyler has hanging up represent his hit list, and that he tore Alex’s down because he took care of Alex already.


3. Alex Standall might Have been Struggling with His Sexuality

alex labelI will admit that when I first saw Alex and his mannerisms I thought that he was probably gay. Which apparently is also something that he hints his dad thinks as well. It makes sense to me that Alex could be struggling with his sexuality, in episode 2 of season 1, Alex mention how his dad would be proud of him if he had male friends, hinting that he typically has female friends. Throughout the season you could also see hints that when Alex was around Justin, Zach, Bryce, and their clique, that he didn’t look comfortable and often looked like he was trying really hard to fit in with this group. Lastly, I think that he made that list to make him seen more straight, he expresses great remorse and disgust toward that list so its possible he could’ve never wanted to make it in the first place. Alex’s struggle with his sexuality and his conservative father also could have contributed to his suicide attempt.


4. Tyler is Planning a School Shooting

tyler gunsLike I said in the theory involving Tyler before, towards the end of the season, in the scene before Tylers deposition we see him organizing a trunk filled with guns and ammo. This leads us to believe that Tyler is planning a school shooting. Some signs of a school shooter that Tyler exhibits are: Acting violently (his outburst against his classmates & invading people’s personal space to take pictures). A history of social, emotional, or mental disturbances (Stalking Hannah). A lack of ethics (stalking Hannah, talking pictures of Hannah, taking a picture of Hannah and Courtney kissing, and releasing that picture to the whole school). An obsession with weapons (which was already mentioned). Lastly, No meaningful friends (which Tyler does not have). These are just some of the contributing factors of the show that point towards Tyler planning a school shooting.


5. Hannah is Bisexual

courtney and hannahThis theory isn’t as intense as the others, but I still thought it was interesting. The reasoning behind this theory is that when Courtney kissed her, she didn’t pull away from it or seem against it. They seemed tipsy at most, and they definitely weren’t incompetent, so they both knew what they were doing, even when they started making out, Hannah seemed okay with it until she heard Tyler’s camera, that’s when she shined the light on Courtney and Tyler. Another thing that supports this theory is that later on, when Hannah tries to talk to Courtney about what happened between them, she didn’t seem even the least bit ashamed or embarrassed about what happened between them.


These are just some of my favorite theories that I have found online in the depths of the internet and beyond. So what do you guys think of all of these theories? Which ones do you think are true, and which ones do you think don’t really make any sense? Let me know what you guys think, and if you have any theories of your own down in the comments below.


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