April Beauty Favorites.

I’ve tried a lot of amazing beauty products this month that really wowed me. So I thought that I would share some of my favorite products from this month with all of you guys. Just a fore warning, some of these beauty products are drugstore, some of them are more on the high end side, and some of them are in between, so there’s options for everyone to  potentially try.


1.Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub in the Scent Tropical Mango

sugar scrubI LOVE this product, it smells amazing and it makes me feel like I’m in a tropical rain forest of some kind. Not to mention that this product helps immensely for giving you softer skin. One thing thats important to know when using exfoliants and sugar scrubs though is that you don’t want to over exfoliate, and you should only exfoliate 2-3 times a week at most, and you don’t want to scrub harshly when using an exfoliant.

(You can find this product here: http://www.ulta.com/shea-sugar-scrub?productId=xlsImpprod600280)


2. YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in the Color Basic Nude

ysl lipstickI love this lipstick, and its definitely been my go to lipstick as of late. Normally I wouldn’t spend so much on lipstick, especially since I’m not a lipstick girl, but my friend gave it to me as a present, and I’ve fallen in love with it since. This lipstick has a beautiful satin finish, and it extremely hydrating and moisturizing, not to mention its a beautiful basic nude color that I could see working for anyone.


(You can find this product here: http://www.sephora.com/rouge-pur-couture-lipstick-collection-P400701?skuId=1734789&icid2=products%20grid%3Ap400701)


3. Waikiki Beach Coconut Perfume From Bath and Body Works

waikiki beach coconutI went to bath and body works recently to check out of some their new spring and summer scents and I absolutely fell in love with this one. It has scents that remind me of tropical salt ocean waters, sands of a white beach, and the perfect touch of coconut. I definitely would recommend that everyone get this smell in some sort of bath and body works product, whether its a candle, body wash, perfume, or body lotion, I feel that this is a smell that everyone could love. (P.S. its on sale today for half price at $8.70.)


(You can find this product here: http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/p/waikiki-beach-coconut-fine-fragrance-mist-023342923.html?cgid=fragrance-mist#start=2)


4. White Mocha Kiss Perfume From Bath and Body Works

white mocha kissI also picked up this perfume while I was on my shopping trip at bath and body works. I also really liked this scent, I don’t know if I’d necessarily say that I loved this scent though, for me personally the vanilla mocha scent was a little strong and at times it over powdered the other scents the perfume had to offer. I did really like the coconut and sweet marshmallow scents that this perfume had to offer, and all together I thought it was a really pretty and sophisticated smelling scent. (P.s. this products on sale today for $8.40)

(You can find this product here: http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/p/white-mocha-kiss-fine-fragrance-mist-023340229.html?cgid=fragrance-mist#start=10)


5. Smashbox PhotoFinish Primer Water

smashbox primer waterI bought this primer water because I’ve been having some trouble with the primer I’ve been using recently. The primer I’ve been using is a water based primer, and usually I use silicone based primers, as a result of this new primer, my makeups been sitting very weirdly, and even flaking off of my face at times. So I went to Ulta to look for a new primer when this primer water caught my eye, I’ve always heard good things about this product and I can say it definitely lives up to my name, and it left my makeup looking flawless, fresh, and effortlessly beautiful.

(You can find this product here: http://www.ulta.com/photo-finish-primer-water?productId=xlsImpprod11741049)


6. NYX Lid Lingerie Eye Shadow Palette

nyx lid lingerieThis is another thing I picked up while I was at Ulta, I really love muted purple, and mauve color shadows, so I really enjoyed this palette. The eyeshadows had a pretty good color payoff and they weren’t super dry or patchy, and the palette all together is very affordable and you get a lot of product, so you won’t run out for awhile, even if you’re using this palette everyday.

(You can find this product here: http://www.ulta.com/lid-lingerie-shadow-palette?productId=xlsImpprod15361111#)


7. Essie Treat Love and Color Lavender Dearly Nail polish

essie lavender nail polishI love this nail polish, it dries very quickly, and it doesn’t smudge or rub off of your nails when you accidentally rub your nails up against something. I also really love this color, and I feel like it is such a perfect light spring/Easter color. This color has a beautiful satin finish, but it looks even better when a matte coat is applied on top of it.


(You can find this product here: http://www.ulta.com/treat-love-color?productId=xlsImpprod15361199)


So these are just some of my favorites that I’ve found this month. I’ve included links where you can find all of the products if you’re interested or you wanna try them yourselves. I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about some of my favorites from this month. Leave a comment with some of your favorites so I can try some of them too.




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