My All Time Favorite Eyeliners.

eyelinerAs someone who loves cat eyes and winged eyeliner with an undying passion, I have tried out many many felt tip, liquid, clay, and pencil eyeliners. Personally I’ve found that felt tip eyeliners work the best for winged eyeliner, they provide you with an mazing amount of control and flexibility to work with, not to mention they leave a beautiful matte finish of black eyeliner that I just think is to die for. Needless to say, through my journey of using many eyeliners, I’ve kind of become sort of an expert on which eyeliners are good and which ones are bad, so here is a list of some of my all time favorite eyeliners that I thought I would share with all of you.


1.Wet n Wild Blackest Black Felt Tip Eyeliner

wetnwild eyeliner.pngThis eyeliner is amazing and a perfect tool for anyone who’s a beginner in using eyeliner, or who wants to try out a cat eye or winged eyeliner look. It provides an amazing amount of flexibility without being flimsy, and it applies effortlessly on your eyes. Not to mention it is a beautiful, perfectly dark shade of matte black. Another plus of this product would definitely be its price, its very cheap in terms of felt tip eyeliners, but it also is shorter than most eyeliners, which makes it perfect for travel, but if your using it everyday you will have to buy it very often. The only real complaint I have about this product is that it seems to dry out very easily, but if you apply pressure to it as your applying it, the dryness isn’t noticeable.


2. Rimmel London ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Liner

rimmel-london-scandaleyes-waterproof-kohl-kajal-eyeliners-2-bronze-black-taupe-silver-nude-minThis eyeliner has a very interesting consistency, it almost feels as if your using a crayon instead of eyeliner. But, it applies very well, and makes a consistently straight line, time after time. I should also mention that I started using this eyeliner when I was a beginner, so it really did a good job if I managed to get a straight line everyday of wearing it. This product is really waterproof, but it definitely isn’t smudge proof, which is my only real complaint about this product.


3. L’oreal Infallible Mascara

L_Oreal-Infallible-The-Super-Slim-Liquid-Eyeliner-in-Black-7I absolutely love this mascara, it’s a perfect dupe for my all time favorite Stila eyeliner, but this eyeliner is a little more flexible which allows you to do perfect flicks at the end of a cat eye. This eyeliner is a beautiful matte black and it applies effortlessly. It also doesn’t have any problems that I’ve seen other felt tip liners often have, this product doesn’t bleed, it doesn’t dry out, and it is virtually smudge proof and lasts almost all day (it lasts a good 14 hours for me). I honestly have no complaints about this product and I think it is an amazing drugstore product that comes with high quality.


4. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Kat_Von_D_Tattoo_Liner_Trooper_01So I know for most people this is their holy grail eyeliner, but sadly for me that’s not the case. Don’t get me wrong I still think it is a great eyeliner with amazing quality, but it just doesn’t fully meet my high standards. I’ve found that the felt tip is way too flimsy and makes messing up on winged eyeliner way too easy. This eyeliner just doesn’t give me the control and stability I need to do cat eyes, but I still think it is really good quality, it lasts a long time, its water proof, and it has a beautiful color and finish to it.


5. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner

stila eyelinerThis is an amazing felt tip liner, and it is my all time favorite eyeliner. This is honestly the best eyeliner I’ve ever used, and I’ve repurchased it many many times. The first thing that I love about this product is the packaging, its beautiful, and my life aesthetic is black and gold. This eyeliner is waterproof, smudge proof, it will literally last from 6 in the morning to 10 at night, it doesn’t wear, the product never drys out, and the color is breath taking. Everything about this product is utterly amazing and I really think that everyone should try this product out sometime in their lives because it really is that good.


6. Urban Decay Cosmetics 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil

Urban-Decay-Ten-24-7-Glide-On-Eye-Pencil-SetThis eye pencil is an amazing quality, and it really does apply easily and just glide on effortlessly. I don’t think this product is the best in terms of smudging though, it does smudge a little easily, but the product itself doesn’t really wear and need to be reapplied throughout the day. I also really love the color of this eyeliner, but personally its not black enough for my preferences.


7. LORAC Front of The Line Pro Liquid Liner

lorac eyelinerThis eyeliner is very beautiful, I feel like it works extremely well for simple, delicate winged eyeliner. My only real issues with this product just come down to my personal preference, I personally like doing bolder cat eyes, so I don’t end up using this product as much, and for the high price of this product it almost makes me feel like I’m being wasteful. I do think that this product is a really nice quality though, I really love the color and it is virtually water and smudge proof and it doesn’t really wear throughout the day.


So these are some of my all time favorite eyeliners, I tried to include many different kinds of eyeliners, but because I lean towards using felt tip eyeliners, I’ve tried more of that kind than any other and I have a lot of opinions about them. I hope you guys really enjoyed this post regardless, and I hope its maybe helped you or inspired you to want to try one of these eyeliners sometime.


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