My Tips For Dealing With Writer’s Block.

As someone who writes on a fairly regular basis, I have experienced quite a bit of writers block from time to time. Through all of my experience’s with writers block, I have discovered some tips and tricks to help with writing, and to help get over writers block, and I thought that I would share some of these tips with you guys.

1. Take a break

take a breakSometimes writers block is a signal that you’re stressed and overworking yourself, staring at a piece of paper or a keyboard isn’t going to solve this problem, but taking a break will. Taking a break and doing something you enjoy can also help ideas start to flow.





2. Listen to Some Calming Music

musicCalming music always helps me relax and it helps loosen my mind, sometimes a word in a song can spark an idea for me to write about. I’ve found that listening to music is a good way start a post, sometimes a topic in a song sparks some sort of emotion or feeling inside of me.



3. Compile a List of Ideaslist

Something that helps me get over writer’s block is by compiling a list of ideas before hand so that whenever I do get writers block I can look to this list of ideas for inspiration.



4. Stock Pile Some Posts for When You Get Writers Block


Whenever I get extremely bad writers block, I always post something that was pre written in a stock pile of writings I have. This stockpile is a bunch of my writings I’ve compiled that I keep so I can post when I’m traveling, when something unexpected occurs, when I’m sick, or sometimes when I’m suffering from writer’s block.


5. Read Some of Your Favorite Books and Poems for Inspirationinspiration

Reading some other people’s writing always inspires me and helps give me some ideas for what I should write about. Some of my favorite authors are: John Green, Harper Lee, Jane Yolen,Daniel Keyes, and William Golding. Reading any of their works always inspires me to want to write new things



6. Take a Nice Relaxing Drive

driveI’ve always found that when none of these other tips work for me, that taking a relaxing drive around my town always does. Taking a a drive always seems to relax and clear my mind, making it a lot easier for me to write and to create ideas for things to write about.




So these are just some of my tips for dealing with writer’s block, I really hope that all of these tips really helped all of you and that they help you get over any writer’s block you might be having.



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