Makeup Brushes.

So recently I decided to replace all of my makeup brushes because they weren’t as soft, and they didn’t work as well as they used to. My brushes feel really coarse and are more of a pain to use then the helping hand I need. I bought the cutest and softest brushes recently and they also work really well to blend and apply my makeup without disturbing it and moving it. The brushes I bought were Moda EZGlam brushes and It Cosmetics brushes. The Moda brushes looked gorgeous, they come in varying bold colors (which comes in handy so your brushes don’t look as dirty as normal brushes) and they are extremely soft, not to mention they come at a fair price and apply makeup effortlessly. The It Cosmetics brushes in comparison though were next level, they even were able to blend out some of my harshest and most problematic eyeshadows, not to mention they felt like they were made from grade A materials. These brushes were definitely an investment though, they cost a pretty penny but they are sure to last a long time.

it cosmetics brushes   Moda brushes


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