My Opinion on NYX Cosmetics.

NYX Cosmetics is a drugstore brand that is sold at Ulta, which sells some amazing products at a cheaper price than other luxury brands such as: Benefit, Tarte, Urban Decay, etc. I love this brand, I especially love what they stand for and their products, however some of their products definitely aren’t the best at times, but all in all I think that this is a fair brand. So I’m gonna list some of the products I’ve purchased from this brand, and what I do or don’t like about them, and a couple things I like or dislike about this brand.


nyx logo


1. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

nyx jumbo eye pencilsI LOVE Nyx’s Jumbo Eye Pencils, they always make my eyes pop and look stunning. Not to mention that they also make good creme bases for eyeshadows of the same color that make be patchy or shear. Also I would just like to mention that the shade milk is probably my favorite color of any of the jumbo eye pencils, it makes a really great eyeshadow primer for any eyeshadow color, and shadows look so much more pigmented when applied on top of it.


2. NYX Pressed Translucent Powder

nyx-hd-pressed-powder-review-1I used to Love this powder, it didn’t disturb my makeup, and it didn’t have a heavy flashback in photos. I used to be a big fan of this product, and it was the only pressed powder I used to use, until I ran out of it one day and I was forced to expand my horizons. This is still one of my all time favorite pressed powders, it didn’t leave my makeup cakey, it didn’t cause my makeup to change in color, and it didn’t disturb and move my makeup.


3. NYX Loose Translucent Powder

nyx translucent powderSadly, I did not have as much luck with this powder as I did Nyx’s pressed translucent powder. At the time, baking was on a rise, and I was interested in giving it a try to see how it worked and if it made my makeup appear any better. I assumed because of how much I loved the pressed powder version that the loose powder version would be just as good, boy was I disappointed though. Firstly, it was extremely hard to bake with this product, it didn’t pick up and transfer well from my beauty blender to the areas I applied it. It also had an interesting almost baby powder like smell to it. Lastly, and probably the worst of all, it disturbed and took off a lot of makeup in any of the areas where I would apply it. All in all I was very disappointed with this product.


4. NYX High Definition Photo Concealer

concealersI have to say that I was very excited to try this concealer, but it left me feeling very disappointed. I found this concealer to be very light weight (far from the coverage necessary for a photo finish). This concealer was also very unpigmented, and it didn’t cover any problem areas or pimples o my face in the slightest. I really wish this product would’ve worked for me, but it just didn’t work in my face routine.



5. NYX Color Correcting Concealer

color correcting conealerI love this color correcting concealer, I’ve fully hit pan on every single one of the six shades in this product, if that doesn’t show how much I love it, I don’t know what will. These concealers have worked really well for covering pimples, redness, and under eye circles among other things for me in the past. I honestly have not found a color corrector that has worked better for me than this product.



6. NYX 3C Conceal, Correct, Contour Palette

contour paletteI have a love hate relationship with this product, I used to really love this product and it used to work really well for me when I only used cream contour before I started only using powder contour. However since I refought this product I’ve recently started noticing things about it that cause me to not want to rebuy it again. Firstly, the palette seams very dry (I never noticed it being dry before) and its hard to apply the cream colors as a result. Secondly, the contour shades are very harsh and hard to blend out, making them almost impossible and time consuming to use for cream contouring. These two new issues I’ve had with this product make me think that either NYX changed their formula for the product, or maybe my product was from a bad batch, either way its really sad that a product I used to love doesn’t work for me anymore.


7. NYX Lip Lingerie

lip lingerieI absolutely adore these liquid lipsticks, the colors are all beautiful shades, most are nudes (and if you know me you know I love a good matte nude lip) and even the “bolder” colors still look subtle and sophisticated. Not to mention that I also love the formula of these liquid lipsticks, I’ve found that they aren’t super drying, and they don’t leave my lips feeling chapped after wearing them for a day like some other liquid lipsticks on the market do.



8. The Annual NYX Face Awards

nyx face awardsOnce a year NYX hosts their Annual NYX Face Awards. I love this contest and I feel like it gives creators an ability to be creative and showcase a new side, talents, skills, and aspects about themselves to their audience. I also feel like it showcases talented makeup artists and gives recognition and rewards smaller youtubers who enter and progress in the competition.


All in all, I feel that this is an amazing brand that puts out mostly good quality products for a cheaper price than most makeup brands out there. I feel like this brand genuinely cares about their customers and they work hard to interact with people in the beauty community.


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