My Least Favorite Makeup Brands.

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about my favorite makeup brands, some of my favorite products from them, and why they are my favorite. I really loved writing this post and I thought it’d be kind of fun to do a bit of the opposite and write about my least favorite
makeup brands

makeup products
(P.S. Before I start, everyone has different brands they do and don’t like, and just because I don’t like a certain brand doesn’t mean that you can’t or that you liking that brand is wrong. Everyone has different opinions, and this is just mine.)





I’ve found that Revlon’s foundations, and concealers are very dry and tacky. I can never use these products for touching up my makeup, it always ends up grabbing at my makeup and taking off makeup on my face rather than touching up my makeup. I also have been really disappointed by their eyeliners, they are very hard to work with, messy to take off, and and one of the eyeliners I’ve tried from them had a ball on the tip of it, making it almost impossible to use for winged eyeliner.


2. Glam Glow

glam glow

I know this isn’t technically a makeup brand, but it is still a beauty skincare brand, and I feel that good skincare goes a long way for good “photofinish” looking makeup. I haven’t had the best experience with Glam Glow face masks, they’ve broken me out, and a lot of my friends as well who don’t have as sensitive skin as me. In the past I’ve also used their glowstarter illuminating primer. It accentuated my pores, and it caused my makeup to grab and seem blotchy in certain areas.


3. Kylie Cosmetics


I love Kylie Jenner, her sense of style, her gorgeous selfies, and her hilarious snapchats. I was extremely excited when she first released Kylie cosmetics, I just had to get my hands on some of her products. I love some of her lip kits (especially the metallic ones!), the colors are gorgeous but I’ve often found that they can be very drying and they wear throughout the day more than some other matte liquid lips I’ve used. I’ve also found that her eyeshadow palettes can be very hit or miss, some palettes are amazing and others are very hard to blend and patchy. Lastly, I was very disappointed with the Kyliner, eyeliner is my favorite part of makeup and I take it very seriously, but the consistency of this eyeliner was very strange and hard to work with.


4. Koh Gen Do

koh gen do

I’ve tried this brand many times, and honestly I just feel like it’s overhyped, overpriced, and overrated. Among one of their products I’ve tried was their translucent powder, and I just found that it was very white, chalky, and it left a weird color onto my face.



5. Z Palette

z palette

This use to be a brand that I really loved, however due to a recent scandal. Where the CEO and founder of Z palette was found bullying customers and commenters on Instagram, going after them for their makeup skills, appearance, and intelligence, I have formed a dislike for this brand and their “ethics”.




6. Too Faced

too faced

I’ve already made an entire post about Too Faced and why I’m not really a fan of their products and their brand, but in short, their products in my experience:

  • Aren’t very pigmented
  • Are patchy
  • Are unblendible
  • Have broken me out on many occasions
  • Have little coverage

Also you can check out the post I mentioned about Too Faced here: (


7. `Morphe


I’ve found this to be a very shady brand, they tend to buy makeup products and brushes form a makeup company named Crown cosmetics, and they basically just put their names on them and sell them at a higher price for a profit. I also don’t like how involved they are in social media influencers, lately it feels like I can’t watch a Youtube video without hearing a beauty guru take about Morphe brushes and mention their coupon codes. Lastly, the products from this brand just don’t perform well for me, they are very dry, patchy, unpigmented, and hard to blend.



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