Some Tips for Getting Your Life Organized.

As someone with anxiety, I get very stressed when things are unorganized or unplanned, they can make me very stressed, and during busy times in my life, keeping organized has helped me avoid a few anxiety attacks and brought a small shed of peace into my life. So I thought I’d share some of my tips with all of you.

(Also just to clarify, in know means am I saying you have to do this or if you are organizing your life in another kind of way that it is wrong. I’m just writing this post to help share what has helped me with organizing my life.)

1.Make a Weekly Schedule

weekly schedule

Having my week lonely planned out helps me remember the important assignments, dates, and events that are going on during the week. I can be a very forgetful person at times so this definitely helps me keep track of everything that I need to. Also creating a schedule and decorating it can actually be kind of fun and relaxing and helps make my week seem less overwhelming.

2. Pack Your Things the Night Before (You can even make a list if you need to.)


I know that I have definitely had a lot of times where I have forgotten plenty of important things that I have needed for work, school, skating, etc. So lately to help make sure that I am prepared, I pack all of the important things I am going to need right away (typically the night before) so I won’t forget anything.

3. Get ready/Wake up 15 Minutes Earlier than You Planned


It can be hard getting up and going in the mornings, I have to wake up by 6:30 usually so I have enough time to get ready for work, I usually wake up at 6:15 though so I’m not rushing myself and I have more time to be fully awake, and on time to whatever I’m doing.
4. Reward Yourself For Keeping Organized

cotton candy

Its important to remember to reward good behavior, by doing this, it creates good habits that reward a positive behavior.

5. Don’t Stress If You Mess Up


It’s important to remember that nobody’s perfect, life can get pretty stressful at times and it gets harder to keep track of things. Just remember not to beat yourself up over this, everybody has off days, everybody makes mistakes, and it’s important to remember that tomorrow’s a new day to try again.

So I hope that some of these tips have helped you, I know they’ve definitely helped me a lot in my personal life, and it also helps ease my anxiety.


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