My Opinion on Too Faced.

So this is definitely going to be an unpopular opinion, Too Faced is a major company that is big in the game, and was recently bought by an even bigger company (Estee Lauder).

(P.s. Before I start, everyone has different brands they do and don’t like, and just because I don’t like a certain brand doesn’t mean that you can’t or that you liking that brand is wrong. Everyone has different opinions, and this is just mine.)


I hate Too Faced Cosmetics. I’ve tried many products form this brand, and I have just never had a good experience, and my experiences trying to talk to there customer service hasn’t been great either.


chocolate bronzerIt all started when I bought my first Too Faced product, the chocolate soleil matte bronzing powder. I had tried it in the Ulta store and the chocolate cocoa scent sold me. However my happiness with this product did not last, firstly the color pay off for this product wasn’t great it barely made a difference on my skin, next it made me break out despite the Ulta lady saying it was “all natural” and “great for sensitive skin”.


chocolate barAfter these triumphs I purchase a different product, their chocolate bar eyeshadow palette. The color pay off was virtually nothing when I used it with any of my makeup brushes, they weren’t very blendible, and all together they were very patchy.




Next was the Born This Way concealer, this concealer was very light and gave little to no coverage to any pimples I got, or to my under eye circles. Not to mention it felt very wateryconcealer and of a weird consistency when I put it on my face. It might work for some people, but I honestly didn’t think that it was worth as much hype as it got, I just wasn’t very impressed by this product.



Finally, the last product I purchased from Too Faced, and too faced primerprobably the final product I will ever purchase from them is their Primed and Poreless Pure Primer. My journey with this primer started out great, but eventually it failed me and reinstalled my previous opinion on Too Faced. This product eventually broke me out too, whoever that was not the worst of this product for me. If I ever used this primer in combination with another primer (for example the benefit porefessional primer) it would make all of my makeup literally rub off of my face, and it would also make all of my makeup sink into every line and pore on my face. Needless to say, I stopped using this primer after that.


The other thing that really seals the deal for me with not liking this brand is their sweet
peach 2peach release, a lot of people didn’t receive their palettes, or they received the wrong product instead, and customer service did nohing to help sort this problem out


Personally, I’m not a fan of this brand, but if you are, then I’m happy that you have found some of their products that work for you. Certain makeup brands aren’t for everyone, and everybody has different brands they do and don’t like.


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