Favorite Makeup Brands.

I LOVE makeup, I wear it everyday, not because I feel like I have to either, I want to. Makeup is like art for me, it’s very calming and distressing to just have some me time where I can be creative with my look. As a makeup addict, I have tried a lot of makeup brands, some that I’ve absolutely hated, and plenty that I’ve loved, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you.

1.Kat Von D

kat von d

Kat Von D is a quality makeup brand, she provides great customer service and interaction, often answering fan questions on her Instagram. She spends lots of time of her products to make sure that they are of a high quality. I have plenty of pieces form her brand, her contour palette is one of the only few that show up on my skin (my skin gets red which tends to cancel out the warm brown tones.) Also her eyeliner is one of the few that meet my harsh high standards for felt tip eyeliners (I do winged liner everyday, it’s my favorite part of my makeup.)

2. Urban Decay

urban decay

Definitely one of my favorites, their naked basics palette was my very first eyeshadow palette, and the black eyeshadow contained in it is still my favorite black eyeshadow of any brand to this day. (Its extremely pigmented but still blends effortlessly, even when blending it into a creme color, it doesn’t turn the entire lid an ugly grey like other eyeshadows I’ve tried.) Also they have one of the best setting sprays I’ve ever used, it’s just perfect.


3. Stilastila

This brand is the winner for me in terms of eyeliner. There felt tip liner is one of the best I’ve ever used, it is the darkest shade of black possible, and the eyeliner takes months before it even begins to dry out (even when you use it everyday like I do!). I love this brand, and plenty of their other products, they definitely meet my harsh standards.


4. Anastasia Beverly HillsAnastasia-Moonchild-Palette-Review4

My go to brand in terms of brows and highlighters. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really one for highlighting (except for my nose, I love a good nose highlight) or brows, but this brand even makes a part of makeup that I’m not super fond of enjoyable. I’m absolutely in love with their moon child highlighting palette, the unique highlighting colors are just perfect for me and my personality. (Not to mention that their modern renaissance palette is everything! I’ve hit pan on almost ever shade.)


5. Maybelline


Okay, I love Maybelline’s foundations, concealers, and translucent powders, they work great for my skin, they match my skin tone, and they don’t make me break the bank when I need to restock. BUT, I don’t like advertising or supporting this brand personally because they test on animals and are not cruelty free. It’s honestly a shame a brand that has such amazing products harms animals to make them. I’m not going to repurchase these products in the future as a result, but I do still feel the need to be honest about their quality for those who may be interested.


6. Benefitbenefit

This brand is one of my favorites, their porefessional primer is magical, if you’re someone who has bad pores like me, this product works wonders, especially when combined with another possible primer. I definitely recommend this brand and especially this product.


7. Tartetarte

Last but not least, my all time absolute favorite brand. Tarte. Their clay matte eyeshadow palettes have some of my favorite colors that I have ever laid eyes on, and they are amazingly pigmented and blendable. Not to mention their amazing contour & highlight kits, mascara, and especially their foundation and shape tape concealer. This brand is game changing, and I am deeply in love with all of their products.

So these are just a few of my favorite makeup brands, leave me a comment letting me know what brands and products you love, I always love trying new products!



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