Some of my Favorite Tumblr Clothing Trends.

As a person, I think that my style is kind of drab, I want to revamp my style, and tumblr has helped inspire me quite a bit to do this. Tumblr has some clothing trends that I just LOVE, I think they are absolutely adorable, fashionable, and I want to share some of my favorites with all of you


1.Tennis Skirtstennis skirt

These skirts became very trendy when American Apparel released them a couple years ago, they still maintain their popular status through time, and can be found at least once or twice in pictures on someone’s tumblr blog. I love these skirts, their adorable, cute, girly, and just everything.


2. Flower Crowns

flower crowns


Yes I know that I talk about these too much, and also that these aren’t technically a clothing item. But regardless, these are infinitely cute, and can be found in most spring themed fashion pictures on tumblr.



3. Heart Chokers & Leg Gartersheart choker

When I first saw these I fell in love, they just give off a mysterious, sexy, and cutesy kind of aura that I absolutely love. Plus you can find them on Amazon for a pretty cheap price, which is definitely a nice perk.



4. High Waisted Shorts (& Half Studded Shorts)

half studded shorts

I love high waisted anything, as a fairy short girl, these types of jeans and shorts help make my legs look longer, and high waisted shorts help show off my tanned legs in the summer. Also high waisted shorts are also extremely cute because they are accessorized in the cutest ways, with studded, half studded high waisted shorts, “destroyed” shorts, jeweled, and floral high waisted shorts. The list goes on, but this is definitely a versatile piece of clothing that is one of my favorite tumblr trends.


5. Fall Colored Sweaters and Skirts
sweaters & skirt

What can I really say about this trend besides cute? This look is definitely something that I think can work for anyone, and it is also a look that makes you look formal but feel comfortable at the same time. It’s especially a cute look for fall, or a fancy dinner with someone special, or even an anniversary.




6. Baseball Tees & Converse


I love dressing like a tomboy at times, it’s a look that works for me and my body type, and its comfy and cute as hell. Not to mention I already have 3 pairs of high top converses so it’s already a look I could easily put together.





7. Cartilage Piercingsear piercings

I already have had many piercings, I haven’t had any cartilage piercings though, and they are definitely on my list. I love the entire look of these piercings, and I really hope that I can get some of these piercings sometime soon.



8. Bralettesbralette

These are just the cutest, personally I think that bras have a bit of a tacky look to them, and bralettes are a perfect solution to this problem, they are a cute, delicate, girly element to every and any outfit



9. Snapbacks



I love love love snapbacks, I kinda have an addiction to them (I have a good 14 hats). This is probably my favorite trend, and one that I am going to be on board with even after it stops being a trend.



So these are just some of my favorite tumblr fashion trends, that have inspired me lately, there definitely a lot that I didn’t mention though, so If you ever want a part two to this list or something just let me know.



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