Questions I Hate Getting As a Vegetarian.

As a vegetarian I don’t mind not eating meat, I don’t mind when other people eat meat, and I don’t mind when other people don’t eat meat. Other peoples choices in what they choose to eat is none of my business and I’m not about to judge somebody else for what they wanna eat. However, the one thing I mind about being a vegetarian is the annoying “questions” and “statements” that I get from people, so I thought I’d make a list of the most common questions I’m asked, and the most anger inducing.veg

  1. “Where do you get your protein from?”
  2. “Don’t you miss meat?”
  3. “Would it offend you if I ate a nice juicy steak in front of you?”
  4. “Oh I didn’t know that vegetarians couldn’t eat fish, I guess you’re out of luck”
  5. “Wait wait wait, there’s fake meat?”
  6. “But bacon”
  7. “Wow being a vegan must be really hard”
  8. “Aren’t vegans and vegetarians just the same thing?”
  9. “Isn’t all your food like disgusting?”
  10. “I still can’t believe you’re a vegetarian”
  11. “Oh god you’re a vegetarian?”
  12. “Where do you even eat?”
  13. “What do you even it?”
  14. “Can you still eat animal crackers?”
  15. “If you’re hungry there’s some grass over there you could eat”
  16. “You’re probably tired because you don’t get enough protein”
  17. “Not eating meat is so unhealthy though”
  18. “Meat is really good for you”
  19. “Don’t you have to take a bunch of vitamins just to stay alive?”
  20. “Aren’t all vegetarians iron deficient?”
  21. “Do you think you’re better than everybody because you don’t eat meat?”
  22. “But you must crave meat sometimes”
  23. “I feel sorry for you, you’re missing out”
  24. “How are you helping animals by eating their food?”
  25. “I’m a vegetarian too, I mean beside chicken.” (You’re not a vegetarian unless you don’t eat any meat, stop saying you are.)

I would say that the only thing about being a vegetarian for me that’s hard is dealing with comments like these.


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