Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas.

With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, there’s often a panic about what gift you should give to your significant other, friend, or even yourself. When it comes to gifts, the most heartwarming gifts are ones that are handmade (at least in my opinion). So to make your Valentine’s Day a little easier this year, I have compiled a list of cute, easy, handmade gifts that anyone can make. (P.s. be prepared for a lot of puns)

  1. 365 Note Jar

This gift is a jar of notes, the notes are color coded to mean to different things, and the receiver of the gift is meant to open up one note everyday for an entire year. I think this gift is adorable, it’s extremely creative, and utterly sweet. The best part about this gift though is how perfectly tailored it would be for whoever you’re giving it to.


2. Diy Heart Shaped Bath BombsThese bath bombs are adorable, and super easy to make, the ingredients are common and inexpensive, and the bath bombs are adorable! Also I just love the pun! And I think whoever you gave it to would appreciate the pun too.


(Here’s the link to a video on how to make them: (Or if you prefer, here’s a website that tells you how to make them:

3. “I’m Hooked on You” Gummy Worm Jars

This gift is once again, extremely cute, not only because of the puns, but the cute drawings on the jar! Plus gummy worms are delicious, so it’s guaranteed that who you’re giving this to will love it.



4. Donuts

A box of donuts and a cute pun is enough to make anyone happy. This is the perfect gift to give to a friend, a significant other, or even yourself.



5. Valentine’s Day Sugar Scrub

Another super easy gift, that’s cute. I know sugar scrubs aren’t for everybody, but trust me, they’ll change your life, they make a big difference, especially if you’re someone who loves matte lipsticks.



(Here’s the link to a website that tells you how to make it:


6. Chocolate Kisses

Who doesn’t love chocolate, especially if it comes in a mason jar with a cute message attached. This gift is so perfectly simple, literally anyone can make it.


7. Will You Be My Valentine Box

This box is adorable, it’s full of cute Valentine’s day sweets and treats that are sure to make someone happy! (Bonus Points for the decorated box and the puns for each item.)


So I hoped you like these gift ideas! Also I’m really sorry for the formatting of how this post turned out, it didn’t turn out like how I wanted to because of the rectangle shaped pictures, it kinda messed up my formatting and made it look funky. I promise though, the formatting on my next post will be a lot better!




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