Youtube Channels I’ve Been Loving Lately.


Being homeschooled can be very quiet and boring sometimes. So to keep myself entertained, I watch YouTube videos while I work. And there’s some channels I’ve found recently, that I’ve been loving, and watching all the time lately. So here’s a list of five YouTube channels I’ve been loving lately, and a little bit about each of them.

1. NightMind


This is a horror YouTube channel that goes in depth analyzing short horror films, youtube videos, and ARG’s. He goes in depth telling you what all of these scary channels and videos mean, he lays it out in a timeline, showing you clues and connecting it all together while providing good commentary on the video. Some f the videos he’s made are: Marble Hornets explained, This people has house in it explained, unedited footage of a bear (title is super misleading btw), and night vision: The West Records. These are some of my favorite videos of his, but beware, they are extremely long, I wasn’t kidding when I said he went in depth about all of this stuff.

2. Jay Station


This is a YouTube channel owned by a Canadian YouTuber who almost has the essence of a YouTube prankster. However, he’s known for doing crazy 24 hour challenges, in fact most of the videos on his channel are of him, and sometimes his friends, doing 24 hour challenges in crazy places, like bowling alleys, malls, strangers houses, hotels, trump tower, etc.  A 24 challenge for those who don’t know, is where you go into a business while its open, hide somewhere, and wait until after the business closes to explore it, you have to try not to get caught, and try not to leave the business until after it has officially opened again. Anyways, this guy seems like he has no limits, and is willing to take a big risk by uploading these kinds of videos, even despite being arrested one time while trying to perform one of these 24 hour challenges.

3. John Kuckian


John Kuckian has a drama/investigation channel that tells you about scandals going on with youtubers (mostly youtubers in the beauty guru community). The reason why I love his channel so much is because he bases the information he tells you off of official statements, and typically a lot of facts, also he has such an amazing personality, he’s very funny and a very genuine person. Also he is like THE best at getting the dirt, he has two series on his channel right now that I’m really invested in, an interview series with PinkSparkles after her recent eyeshadow palette scandal, and a series about him talking about Tana Mongeau’s stalker story, where he points out potential suspiciousness and plot holes in her story. This is a YouTuber I would recommend to anybody, I could definitely see many different kinds of people watching him.

4. Threadbanger


I don’t know if I love this channel because of my love for Pinterest, crafts, and DIY, or if it’s because of Corinne and Rob’s hilarious personalities, its probably a mixture of both though. I’m binge-watching their YouTube videos ALL the time, my favorites are Corinne vs. Cooking videos, Man vs. Pin, and especially Man vs. Corinne vs. Pin which I can’t get enough of honestly. Their videos are extremely funny and provide hilarious commentary, while still being slightly educational and showing you at home how to do things.

5. LoeyLane


Loey is such a kind and genuine youtuber, she’s so much fun to watch, and her channel contains a lot of diverse content (though mainly centered toward beauty.) Her videos include product and makeup reviews, try on hauls, story times, body positivity videos, and paranormal videos (my personal favorite). Her videos are very entertaining, and her paranormal videos, are like nothing I’ve honestly ever heard of before. I would really recommend that people check out her channel, it’s one of my favorites.


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