My Experience Getting an Industrial Piercing.


One word. Painful.

Fun fact, before I got my piercing I did no research, I didn’t ask anyone who had the piercing what it was like, I didn’t ask about what after care would be, and I didn’t even watch a video or something of someone getting the piercing to see how bad it was.

If you are planning on getting this piercing, please do some research, don’t be like me and just get it with no thought because it’s pretty. Also it’s helpful to know that the industrial piercing is actually two piercings, and they charge you for two piercings as well. Anyways, so my experience, looking bad on it really wasn’t that bad, but it was definitely the most painful piercing I’ve had done so far (I’ve had five piercings, now I have three). The first of the two piercings hurt but not a lot, the second piercing was what really hurt, it hurt three times more than the first one, then they put in the jewelry, which I didn’t really feel because my ear was throbbing in pain. The most painful part of this experience though was after they put in the jewelry, they have to spread your ear back out so that its flat with the jewelry, which is excruciatingly painful.

Now that it’s a few days later though, I really love my piercing, and I don’t regret getting it, I do regret not researching it before hand though. Aftercare for my piercing is cleaning it with salt water for 2-3 times a day, and washing it 2 times a day, for two months. One thing I will say about my experience though, the piercer that did my piercing was very helpful the entire time, and say that if I had any problems or if I thought a problem was starting to occur to email them right away, which was very helpful, because I was really worried about possibly having problems with my new piercing.


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