Fall is Here


Summer has come to an end, and I’m actually not too disappointed about it, because it means that fall weather, and fall things are just around the corner. Pumpkin spice lattes, burgundy’s, big fluffy sweaters and infinity scarves, neutral toned makeup, boots, and many delicious fall themed dishes, Halloween, my favorite holiday, and also the only holiday where it is 100% acceptable to have five dinners in one day, Thanksgiving. There are so many things that I could talk about for hours and hours when it comes to fall, so be prepared for many fall themed posts to come. I figured though, that a good way to kick off my fall themed posts would be by making a fall bucket list, so here are my top ten things I wanna do this fall.

  1. Have smores at a bonfire

There is absolutely nothing I love more than getting together with my friends, and eating gooey marshmallows with slightly melted chocolate and toasted graham crackers.

2. Photoshoots in the leaves

One thing I love about fall is the beautiful background it provides for fall ootd’s. The beautiful hues of orange, red, brown, and yellow falling leaves perfectly compliment the neutral tones and berry colors of fall themed outfits.

3. Going hiking

Hiking in the striking mid summer heat has never been something of much enjoyment to me, but hiking in the fall, now that’s where its at. The crisp cool air provides the perfect temperature and environment for hiking, and the best thing is that the cool air cuts down sweating so much.

4. Visiting a pumpkin patch

Probably my favorite thing to do in the fall, on pumpkin patches there’s no shortage of things to do, corn mazes, hay rides, pumpkin and apple picking. Its a great way to spend time with your friends and family. another plus is that you can roast the seeds that you get from the pumpkin, a delicious fall treat that I absolutely love.

5. Making Halloween costumes

Almost like a yearly tradition for me. I’ve been making my own costumes for years, I love sewing, sketching designs, focusing on small details, sfx makeup, and most of all thinking of something outside of the box as a costume.

6. Pumpkin pie

My favorite desert of all time, pumpkin pie. Its a deliciously moist, tasty, and decadent desert, and its 20 times better if you add some cool whip on top of it, or you could try it a new way and have some vanilla ice cream on top sprinkled with cinnamon sugar on it. Either way you have it, I think they’re both delicious.

7. Sweaters

Fall and Winter seem to be the only two seasons where its perfectly acceptable to wear sweaters at any time, and as somebody who is naturally freezing 110% of the time, this is something I cherish, I have 14 sweaters in my closet that I can only wear during half the year, so this is definitely one of the best perks of fall for me.

8. Impromptu bike rides and nature walks

One thing I for sure want to make sure that I do this fall is take some time to really take in and enjoy the gorgeous fall scenery. The bare trees, the sounds of animals walking through the forest, the ground covered in a colorful blanket of fallen leaves, I just wanna make sure that I take the time to cherish it.

9. Layers

Like I said before, I’m always cold, but that doesn’t have any contribution to the facts that I love layers, layered fall colored outfits are the things of my dreams.

10. The Nightmare Before Christmas

My all time favorite Halloween movie, even though its technically kind of a Christmas movie. Jack Skellington’s personality, the stop motion animation, the beautiful music, and the voice acting, they’re all things that make this movies one of my all time favorites.

Those are my top ten things that I want to do this fall, I definitely have more things planned for fall besides just these things, but these are the things that I feel like I’m looking forward too the most.


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